Biotechnology at the service of Biodiversity

Biotechnology and biodiversity conservation are not only compatible, they must work together. In a world where science and technology play an increasingly crucial role, the most interdisciplinary branch of biology can serve not only humanity, but also the environment around us. Biological diversity refers to the variety of living things on the planet. Biotechnology to Biotechnology at the service of Biodiversity

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When the red light is right

At Stämm we set out to revolutionize the way we understand bioprocesses. To do so, a big part of our work is dedicated to gaining a better understanding of cellular organisms. As you might imagine,  when working with biomolecular structures you face one essential problem: everything is really tiny.Nowadays only advanced microscope technology can capture When the red light is right

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3D-Think it, then you print it

3D-printing has, without doubt, revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Thanks to this technology we are able to simply print out customized objects and parts, even if they present complex structures. Compared to other production techniques, such as injection molding -which, as the name already states- requires a previous construction of a mold- or machining, where blocks 3D-Think it, then you print it

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Go Laminar or Go Home

Have you ever wondered what laminar flow is? Most likely not. Still, it’s one of a thousand physical phenomena that help keep us alive.Our vascular system is composed of blood vessels, small tubes called veins and arteries. Through these tubes our heart pumps blood that transports all the important nutrients needed to keep our organs Go Laminar or Go Home

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