We put nature

at the center

of all human


What we do

Our worldview

During the last 100 years, the amount of anthropogenic (human-generated) mass has reached unprecedented levels.

As of 2020, there is the same amount of mass embedded in man-made inanimate objects as in the sum of every living being on the planet. 

This is a striking perspective on the rates of change in the relationship between humanity and nature. It illustrates the absolute limits of the system that we live in and the uncertainty that our future holds.

One of the keys to solving humanity’s greatest challenges lies in how we utilize anthropogenic mass. We have to make sure that it does not overwhelm the planet’s capacity to sustain life.

Is it possible to obtain all the mass that humanity needs without resorting to extractive exploitation and the contamination of our ecosystems? The answer is yes.

Nature’s prosperity is

human prosperity

Biomanufacturing everywhere

The Change we need

Bioprocessing, in which we use  living cells or their components to obtain desired products (e.g. medicines, cell therapies, specialty chemicals), has proven to be the most efficient way to obtain materials sustainably.

However, today’s biomass production methods are inefficient. To develop bioprocesses that allow us to use alternative sources to produce the anthropogenic and biomass humanity needs, the installed capacity to produce biomass should be increased at least 450X.

The Biopharma industry, in particular, is fundamental to supply the therapeutic needs of society and contain health threats. This industry is facing unprecedented growth and biomanufacturing will become the biggest bottleneck in the value chain.

We need bold solutions so that the biomanufacturing industry can be the bridge between the prosperity of nature and the prosperity of humanity.

So we set out to reinvent how we implement bioprocesses incorporating state-of-the-art technologies.

  • 10x

    Predicted growth for the Biopharma installed capacity by 2030

  • 99%

    of the bioprocessing industry has yet to be built


Stämm Grown facilitates the implementation of cell growth systems globally.

Until today, more than 100 years after the implementation of large-scale industrial bioprocesses, this technology continues to be confined to very few locations. For Biotechnology/Biopharma to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, we need as many people as possible to be able to articulate biology-based solutions and we need them to be disseminated across more of the world.



Stämm Wired provides full traceability of every node in the Grown network, gathering performance data in real-time.

The biotech industry 4.0 is becoming a reality, where an interdisciplinary team can carry out the entire development process of a biotech product remotely from the cloud. We see great value in building a community of experts that can catalyze and operate the growth of this industry.
To achieve this, it is key that we translate and simplify the language of biomanufacturing, as has been done for coding of software. We need a technology platform and a design language that expands the number of people thinking about bioprocesses.



Stämm Coded transforms our database into knowledge.

Our efforts to optimize production of medicines in production cell lines and our database of cell line improvements enhances our understanding of cells, allowing us to predict the behavior of specific cell lines within our Bioprocessors.