JP Morgan Week: Our experience at one of the world’s most influential investment events

By: Carolina Cárdenas

Edited by: Martina Casas

From January 8th to the 12th we had the opportunity to be part of the JP Morgan Week in San Francisco, CA, which consisted of a series of simultaneous events. We attended the Biotech Showcase: Investor Conference for Innovators.

J.P. Morgan is a leading global financial services company that offers solutions to different sectors such as corporations, governments, and major institutions throughout the world. The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is a unique event that brings together global leaders, fast-growing emerging companies, and an important investment community.

Stämm was represented by our Co-Founder & CEO Yuyo Llamazares Vegh and our Business Development team, which is made up of Román Ortega Bianchi, Head of Business Development and Commercial Strategy, Michael Siani-Rose, Corporate Relationship Specialist, and Phoebe Heseltine, Innovation Fellow.

We are happy to say that it was a successful experience in which we exchanged ideas with influential actors interested in supporting our innovative approach to biomanufacturing. We were able to further enrich our network and add visibility to our organization. On the other hand, we took the opportunity to meet with Philip Broenniman, Manager and Co-founder of Varana Capital, one of our main supporters.

Today, we find ourselves in a different instance, defined by the progress of our R&D and the exponential growth we continue to experience. Stämm is evolving, and we are making ourselves known for the work that we do, not only within our niche but beyond it.

We are eager to bring to the market our solutions to making bioprocesses easy, scalable, and repeatable. Let’s continue building the next biotech revolution!