Stämm’s Successful Venture at JP Morgan Week: Building Alliances and Sharing Biotech Innovations

From 8 to 11 January, we participated in the JP Morgan Week in San Francisco, where the top players in the biotech industry meet.

At the same time, we attended the Biotech Showcase, where we had one-on-one talks with key players.

In addition to Yuyo Llamazares Vegh, our co-founder and CEO, our team included Juan Martin Cabaleiro, Román Ortega Bianchi, Santiago Montefiore, Jerónimo Batista Bucher, and Michael Siani-Rose.

We were glad to receive a positive and enthusiastic response from industry key players. Besides progressing our existing partnerships, we developed new relationships.

The successful experience at BioArk with our two bioprocessors was part of the discussions. We shared our new results and had technical exchanges approaching possible Bioprocessor applications with different cell lines.

Furthermore, we held conversations about our disruptive production methods for monoclonal antibodies and cell therapies and how they can benefit the industry at any scale.

This focus has led to a clear definition of what we look for in potential partnerships. By expanding existing alliances and building new ones, we have identified additional synergies from different institutions.

We are proud of Stämm’s growing reputation. Our mission is to enable our partners to make their biomanufacturing processes simple, repeatable, scalable, and sustainable.