Learning from alternative organizations: Gemba expedition experience

In April we were part of the Gemba experience together with other companies from Argentina. The event was organized by Liqueed and 10Pines and held in Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao, Spain.

The goal was to learn about different organization and management styles from more than 10 companies that, supported by the desire to generate a unique impact on society and the world, are constantly searching for new and better ways to organize themselves. The companies belong to fields as varied as software development, electrical engineering, finance, pharmaceuticals, and education, among others. The experience included group activities and talks in which concepts, methodologies, and self-management models were shared, such as Teal Organizations, Sociocracy – Holacracy, NER, and SEMCO Style.

The most significant thing about having participated in these spaces was learning from people who have been in this process working every day for many years to propose alternatives and find solutions to common and specific problems. In addition, establishing relationships with organizations that have gone through or are going through a process similar to ours was very valuable.

Being part of these experiences encourages us to propose ways of organizing ourselves in which we integrate teams that deliver value from the development of products and projects. Thus, we will be able, among other things, to improve time to market and deliver better future solutions.

Based on the knowledge and experiences acquired during Gemba, we will evaluate the hypothesis that we are using to design and edit our organization, in order to make changes that bring us closer to an integrating and self-managing logic. In this way, we will be able to fully understand the value of what we are doing within Stämm and work on a common language that reflects the impact of our proposal to revolutionize the bioprocess industry and transform our relationship with nature.