Innovation beyond borders: Our technology thrives in Switzerland’s biotech epicentre

The Bioprocessor, our flagship product, travelled to Switzerland for the last two months to be demoed by partners outside Stämm Biotech. This biotech device takes advantage of microfluidics to miniaturise all bio-manufacturing steps on a single continuous production platform. Two prototypes were exported for verification testing.

We conducted multiple runs at the facilities of BioArk, the biotech startup accelerator in the canton of Valais. Martin Lopez Palermo, product leader, contacted us to tell us all the news about the trip to Europe he undertook with three other Stämmers, Maia Ludmila Budziñski, Leandro Leonardo and Mariano Collodel.

With a new cell line, the team carried out multiple biocompatibility tests, batch production, feed batch and continuous runs of bioreactors in laboratory setups to fine-tune the model we exported from Stämm Argentina in another facility. This allowed us to integrate the work of our Micro Vascular Systems, Bioinks, Cell Culture and Bioprocessor teams, among others.

From a technical point of view, the team reported convincing results and satisfactory progress.  Thanks to the use of the new cell line, with lower inoculum concentration we obtained the highest antibody production values so far.

A highlight was the invitation to attend BioArk’s 20th anniversary lectures. From listening to the ideas of others, we were happy to hear that our team was able to confirm that what Stämm is doing is unique. After several rounds of pitches and proposals, we confirmed that we are different from the rest, disruptive and with a unique value.

We are at a turning point. Finding tangible and quality results at the BioArk facility experimentally verified our systems. In this way, the authenticity we brought from Argentina had an equivalent response from Switzerland where they confirmed future commitments.

The setup in Switzerland allowed the team to validate and ratify Stämm’s distinctiveness in the global ecosystem. It crystallised the particular value we have to contribute by providing a unique biomanufacturing process verified in independent facilities.

With the trials now closed, we are pleased to know that a plan is in place for the next stage in 2024. With the expectations of the trip exceeded on a personal, team and company level, we are certain to continue collaborating with those who received us so well in Switzerland.

Martin highlighted the predisposition of the guests who adapted to the needs of the team, being there for everything they needed.  From visits to the facilities to flats to spend these two months of work, they had all the help they needed. They also had the support of the municipality of Monthey before and during their stay.

We are proud of the work done by our team in Switzerland and their eagerness to continue building quality data that we will soon be able to share with the world. We would like to thank Martín López Palermo for sharing some of the results with us and the rest of the team for giving their best during these two intense months. Soon we will provide you with news that reflect our constant drive for innovation.

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