EconAr: showcasing our innovation to society

EconAr 2023 was the first Knowledge Economy Fair, held from March 17 to 19 at La Rural de Buenos Aires. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase Argentina’s potential, talent, and product development. Organizations from different industries, including biotechnology, presented innovative technologies. There were also a variety of themes, such as social and environmental sustainability, among others.

We participated of EconAr together with one of its protagonists: the Argentine Chamber of Biotechnology. The presence of companies and start-ups from the biotechnology sector in EconAr reflected the growing importance of this industry in the Knowledge Economy ecosystem. Participants were able to learn about the latest advances in biotechnology applied to different areas, such as health, agriculture, and food, among others. In addition, innovative projects and products that aimed at improving people’s quality of life and generating sustainable solutions for society were displayed.

Part of our communication team, formed by Ignacio Campanelli, Strategic Curator, Martina Casas, Division Leader, and Carolina Cárdenas, Science Content Creator, attended on behalf of Stämm. It was a great experience to showcase the different technologies that converge to develop our products, which aim to optimize bioprocesses in the biomanufacturing industry.

We believe these kinds of spaces are necessary to bring society closer to the scope of the impact that the development of our products will have on improving people’s lives. In addition, we are pleased to be part of a local biotechnology ecosystem that contributes to productive development.