Charting the Path to the Biotechnological Revolution: Our Journey to Switzerland Fuels Our Growth and Strategic Collaborations

By: Carolina Cárdenas

Last April, Román Ortega Bianchi, our BD Leader, and Juan Martín Cabaleiro, our CTO, embarked on a purposeful journey to Switzerland on behalf of our company. One of our key objectives was to attend the Swiss Biotech Day 2023 event in Basel, organized by the Swiss Biotech Association. We participated in engaging keynote talks and established valuable networking connections with companies of interest.

Our primary focus was seeking synergies and strategic collaborations to drive our company’s growth. Additionally, we capitalized on our time in Switzerland to forge agreements with renowned research centers in the canton of Valais. These agreements are centered around validating our technologies, which will further enhance the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our commercial and technological leaders fostered an exceptional dynamic throughout this trip, leveraging their combined expertise and knowledge. This synergy allowed us to effectively communicate a message of reliability and trust to the companies we engaged with.

The journey to Switzerland marks a significant milestone for us, propelling us towards our next steps. We are actively identifying specific commercial opportunities that will enable us to achieve our goal of leading bioprocesses to their fullest potential. As we continue driving the biotechnological revolution, we are transforming our development aspirations into tangible realities.