Building solid paths: Our time at ICB and BIO-Europe

By: Carolina Cárdenas

With the aim of taking our proposal to specific niches and establishing relationships with key players, during the last month, we were part of important events in Europe. We attended the “Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing V – Back to Barcelona” and “BIO-Europe”, in Leipzig- Germany.

Our Head of BD and Commercial Strategy, Román Ortega Bianchi, tells us about the participation of our company in these events.

What do we take into account when deciding which events to attend?

The main criteria are the relationships we have in those countries, for example, if we already have a region in our sights where we plan to open a market (in this case, Europe). On the other hand, the companies that will attend the event and the profiles of the attendees. Also, the number of people who will attend as well as the topics that will be discussed and of course if it is an event to which we have been invited.

Let’s talk about each event in particular.

Román attended the Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing V (ICB) -“Back to Barcelona: Progress & Potential of ICB” together with Juan Martín Cabaleiro, our CTO, and Manuel Del Cogliano, our CSO. This event was organized by Engineering Conferences International (ECI).

Tell us, what is Integrated Continuous Biomanufacturing V – Back to Barcelona: Progress & Potential of ICB?

It refers to a series of lectures given by international leaders from both industry and academia in continuous biomanufacturing. This event started 9 years ago with very few people in the continuous biomanufacturing niche, today there are 180 participants. These people meet to discuss and expose the progress and future within this field. It is held every two years and participation is exclusive by invitation.

How did we get to participate in it?

A potential partner thought this event would be a perfect fit for Stämm, so they spoke to the organizers about us and the importance of our presence. It’s really something we had to be a part of, considering the nature of our technology. This year we were invited to participate and we attended. As of now, we are part of this select group and we are on the radar of those within the field of continuous biomanufacturing.

Why was it crucial for Juan Martín (CTO) and Manuel (CSO) to participate in this event?

This is an event with a strong scientific orientation, in which the development of the technologies used to contribute to continuous biomanufacturing is deepened, for which it was essential that the scientific and technological leaders of our company were present.

One of the questions that ICB asks regarding the prospects for continuous manufacturing is: “Are there new technologies that need to be developed to enable this field?” How does Stämm respond to this with the innovation we are carrying out?

With our innovative proposal for a continuous laminar flow bioreactor, we clearly answer this question.

During the event, one of the frequent questions we were asked was “Why don’t you have a poster to present?”. I think that, in a way, this question demonstrates the interest and curiosity that our work generates.

The conclusion that I can draw after attending ICB is that what Stämm is doing in terms of continuous biomanufacturing is unique. Our proposal not only aims to optimize batch production but takes it one step further, aiming to achieve continuous production.

Let’s talk about the second event, BIO-Europe. Its seventh edition was held from October 24 to 26. On this occasion, Román attended along with our consultant Michael Siani-Rose.

Tell us, what did BIO-Europe consist of?

This is the leading event in life sciences. Unlike the ICB, it’s more focused on Business Development. Each company talks about its own scientific developments. It was a good opportunity to contact people who are of interest to us and with whom we have already been establishing relationships. We continue to strengthen these relationships and are also working on new ones.

The event’s webpage states: “come and meet the right people and achieve your goals through one-on-one meetings”. Would you say this happened to Stämm?

Yes, this certainly happened. It is worth mentioning that as part of the “prework” we do, before going to an event like this, we do a preliminary investigation of the profiles of the companies and people who will attend. In this way, we evaluate whether or not it is convenient for us to attend an event and network according to our objectives and proposal.

I think we met the right people, and together with Mike, we managed to connect with people that will surely make a difference in the next steps we take.

What does the networking you do at these events consist of?

When we are finalizing details to launch ourselves on the market, what I do is bring the proposals of our projects. I evaluate the objectives that exist on the other side, and we see how to generate synergy between the two. The good thing is that now people recognize us. Being at those events also demonstrates the growth we are having.

How did you feel about having taken Stämm to those strategic places?

The fact that they are beginning to recognize us leaves me with a very good feeling, both through the different external channels where we communicate what we do, as well as through the networking that we have been doing. People recognize us and realize how we can contribute exponentially!

On the other hand, by listening to the proposals of other companies, I am confirming that what we are carrying out is indisputably unique. When I say that <<we are going to change the world>> I mean it, it’s really going to change everything that is being carried out in the biotechnology industry today.