Our suite for

large-scale microvascular

system design


In crystallography, we found an opportunity to simplify the rendering of complex topological natural systems, regardless of scale.

Microvascular systems, such as the one within our Bioprocessor, contain a large volume of topological information. For example, our circulatory system contains a total volume of 5½L of blood. Can you imagine the complexity of designing and visualizing its entire topology in a virtual design suite?

We tested several design-softwares, and most of them crashed when the system exceeded an internal volume of 20 ml. We quickly understood that we had to design our own. And so, we did.

The Cäster allows us to visualize, design, and render large-scale microvascular systems. It can generate images of virtually any resolution and allows us to send information to our Sclereid to print in real-time or build an image library to print later.

On a slow day, the Cäster can simulate a microvascular system with a total volume of 16 million liters, equivalent to biopharma’s entire installed production capacity.

  • 1 M

    Checks the correct overlap of millions of nanotubes in real-time

  • 1 ML

    Capable of designing a Bioprocessor with 1 megaliter of internal volume

  • 6x

    Reduces the disk space required by 6 orders of magnitude

  • 20 GB/S

    Capable of streaming to our Sclereid printer at 20 gb/s